Breaking Through The Saturation Of Social Media: Know Your Audience

Breaking Through The Saturation Of Social Media: Know Your Audience

Here at First Tube Media, we run on the combination of experiential, digital, AND content marketing. These three marketing types work effectively together to achieve effective pieces of marketing that are scalable and measurable. These marketing types on their own don’t always meet the three criteria for successful content (effective, scalable, measurable). When specifically talking about digital marketing, yes, it’s scalable and measurable in terms of ROI – but is rarely effective to an online audience.

So how is your brand reaching an overstimulated potential customer on social media? How do you break through the MILLIONS of pieces of content available on any given newsfeed daily?

Here are our tips to get users to stop scrolling and start engaging with your brand:

Be Entertaining! Don’t bore users with facts about your brand – they are NOT interested in your objectives as a company and will be totally turned off by this non-organic approach. You should be aiming to create authentic, cool content that tells a unique and appealing story – aim to enthrall your audience. Think Amy Poehler in Mean Girls – We’re not a regular brand – we’re a cool brand!

Be Educational! People like to learn stuff! Be a source that delivers informative content. Part of building your brand’s awareness is establishing that online users understand just exactly what your brand offers. Potential consumers need to make personal connections with the brand – they either share the values your brand is communicating, are interested in becoming more knowledgeable about your brand’s offering, or appreciate something about your brand that makes it stand out from others. This evokes feelings of GOODNESS associated with your brand – people feel connected to your brand and more confident about choosing your brand over a competitor.

Be Generous! That is to say, offer discounts or coupon codes – create an incentive for online users and increase the chances that a potential customer will become an actual customer. Price breaks can be an effective motivation for social media promo. Keep in mind – this is a generational thing – baby boomers LOVE a good discount while millennials often find discount offers pushy or untactful.

The most important takeaway from this? Know your audience! Creating opportunities for online audiences to engage with your brand needs to look and feel organic – highlight the value of your brand while connecting with whatever generation you’re trying to reach. People don’t want to feel like targets for a sales proposition – they are more likely to engage with brands who demonstrate a want to know their audience as individuals!

Oh, and a couple more things:

You shouldn’t be relying on viral hits. Don’t make the mistake of thinking friends will be influenced by a friend’s share or recommendation – according to a study by Sprout Social – only 10% of people surveyed agreed that branded content coming from a friend would sway a positive association with the brand.

Clicks > Metrics. If you’ve got a customer clicking – they are probably interested in learning more. Make sure where you’re sending them is user-friendly, clean, and informative! A clean landing page is a necessity.