Sound Check your Content

Branded Content with a Purpose

Every brand has a substantial problem in today’s distribution landscape, it lacks the amount of content needed to compete for attention. First Tube solves that problem for our Customers by using Live Events as the leading source for Content that will amaze and delight brand followers 


Signature Process

Our team of music curation experts, event producers, content & digital marketing experts, and software/app development join their expertise to build the best branded video content strategy that delivers results across owned, earned, and paid media channels. From Artist and Venues contracting to Pre, Live, & Post Production, Media Distribution to online activation and lead capture: the First Tube Media team does it all.


All Your Data at Your Finger Tips

First Tube Media’s MAGNET reporting platform was built with ROI in mind. MAGNET aggregates data from all the popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to provide our customers with real-time actionable data on campaign performance and optimizations.