Influencer & Artist Curation

Your brand is looking for attention for your content through earned media. First Tube Media connects brands and influencers to create inspired content with real distribution. Through our influencer and artist curation team, First Tube Media researches influencers that match your brand culture, manage talent outreach and influencer relationships, and analyze the success of influencer campaign performance. We’re making it easier for brands to identify content creators with engaged audiences and genuine authority across all platforms, and pinpoint winning strategies that meet your brand’s digital marketing goals.

First Tube Media knows influencers have significant trust within today’s marketplace. We’re engaging with them on your brand’s behalf to shape brand perception, increase awareness, and drive consideration with target audiences. From curation and management, to strategy and measuring ROI – First Tube Media helps build influencer relationships that build brand success.

First Tube Media specializes in​​​

  • Artist & Influencer Research, Sourcing, & Curation
  • Contracting & Licensing
  • Onboarding & Activation
  • Quality Assurance

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