The following outlines shared expectations for the Sales Development Representative working directly with the CEO and the Chief Revenue Officer and COO at First Tube Media. Everything in this description is directional and responsibilities can (and will) evolve over time.

As a sales development representative for First Tube Media, your work focuses on outbound sales strategy. In addition to passion for media, technology, livestreaming, music and culture, you can confidently communicate and share product or service information with outside prospects. Candidate must be highly organized and will spend a lot of time making phone calls, sending emails, preparing target lists and managing our CRM. Lead generation is your main responsibility, moving leads through a sales pipeline. A sales development representative identifies challenges and provides practical solutions to prospects. You provide positive insights as a product knowledge specialist.

You will get to work for a diverse range of people and industries. Your main function is to be a driven problem solver, identifying potential clients. Building relationships with prospects will be the central part of your job. You must have impeccable communication skills, as well as being focused on lead generation and strategic outreach. 

Job Description

  • Interface directly with potential prospects and clients
  • Take a brief and early stage internal brainstorm and translate into a proposal deck 
  • Become lead user of programs like HubSpot and Growbots or any internal CRM system to write sequence/drip emails and both manage and test those email campaigns
  • Target new business and use Growbots type resource to find right contacts both manually and through the scaled system (i.e. go through our top target list and find 2-3 key clients for each that we can manually reach out to).
  • Doing outreach (day in day out) getting CEO, CRO (and other sales executives) to the table to have conversations and move business to close
  • Responsible for answering and qualifying any inbound leads from the website
  • Help to develop strategic lists of potential prospects for FTM in various industries and categories
  • Work closely with our COO to advance our modeling process for proposals
  • Demonstrated ability to work solo as well as being a productive team member, making outbound calls/emails every day
  • Have a strong work ethic and are eager to learn and make new connections with prospects
  • Clearly communicate First Tube’s value proposition and learning about client needs to see if there’s a good fit


  • Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field
  • 1-2 years of relevant business development experience
  • Able to promote/sell ideas persuasively
  • Able to think strategically and tactically while maintaining a positive attitude in the face of criticism, rejection or failure
  • In-depth experience collaborating with cross functional teams (customer success, talent, legal, finance, marketing, operations etc.)