The Benefits of Branding Experiential Marketing

The Benefits of Branding Experiential Marketing

As digital marketing becomes harder and harder to use (pop up blockers, oversaturation of newsfeeds hiding ads, Facebook algorithm changes..etc), and audiences become harder to entertain (online users hate being sold something point blank), companies are turning to the experiential side of marketing to humanize their brands and connect with audiences on a personal and deep level.

Experiential marketing is special in a many ways – firstly, it is unique in its quick effectiveness. Brand to consumer connections are one on one in experiential marketing and these experiences can have profound and lasting effects on the consumers who experience them. With an opportunity to engage consumers in real life, there is a clear emotional connection that seems organically produced – but truly, providing potential customers a unique opportunity to engage in something informative or entertaining has lasting positive effects on the consumer’s opinion of that brand, and their loyalty to it.

Enter First Tube Media. We like to think of ourselves as the FOMO Inducers. We like to take any unique experiential campaign and turn it into a video marketing campaign that is natively distributed across social media platforms. Specializing in live streaming, we’re not just capturing these incredible events alone – we’re capturing the live audiences that are experiencing them, along with their emotional reactions.  Live streaming has a personal touch – no room for editing means the brand is vulnerable on a public worldwide platform – and online audiences connect with live streaming for this reason – it has a similar human to human feel in its vulnerability – a similar feeling that the live event itself evokes onto the consumer experiencing that event in real life.

Here are some quick stats:

As consumer expectations grow, the role of brands and the experiences they can provide become paramount to building and growing a target audience. Consumers have a more sophisticated pallet than they once did – and not every marketing tool passes the smell test. Your only chance at gaining loyal customers is to prove your brand’s value to them first. The most successful brand experiences can help shape brands, build audiences and partnerships, and bring well-being and inspiration to new and existing audiences alike.