The Value of Experiential Continues To Climb in 2019

EventMarketer recently talked to top execs around the country who consider experiential marketing critical to success – a far ways away from the dawn of experiential. What started as an expendable and gratuitous move with no strategy behind it has become an essential tool for marketing teams, and in the age of FOMO, the value of experiential will only continue to climb.

“Experiences really allow consumers to interact with a brand in a very personal and memorable way,” says Meredith Suffron, Director of Marketing at Werther’s Original.  Good experiential marketing should make attendees feel like they’re in on an exclusive secret – but how can we expand that to audiences outside of any one event? That’s where the beauty of content capture comes in – and where digital strategies come into play to convert success for onsite activations.

Not only can content capture be distributed to audiences across all platforms, it allows marketing teams the opportunity to measure ROI in the rather murky experiential zone. In the past, marketers have shied away from experiential because of its unpredictability and inability to prove if the experience really worked for the brand – how did we perform? How can we tell if we converted customers? Now, we marry experiential with digital to prove success. When you tie a content capture strategy to these events and put them out there on a data-driven social media platforms, marketers can see what works – and what doesn’t, clear as day.

Some telling information on experiential in 2019 and beyond:

  • 91% of consumers have a positive brand affiliation after attending exclusive and unique brand experiences.
  • 77% of marketers consider live event marketing imperative to a brand’s advertising strategies.
  • 84% brand marketers say experiential is a key component in integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Every 9 out of 10 marketers believe branded live events deliver more compelling engagement.
  • 85% of consumers are more likely to convert into a loyal customer after attending a branded live experience.

With giants like Amazon and LinkedIn just announcing the launch of live streaming within the platforms – it’s a no brainer that experiential is growing to be the most valuable tool for marketers. When we can tie live experiences to digital audiences, and offer them something unique they can see and feel from the comfort of their home – online users know the value in that and will always come back for more of the content they crave.