Building A Strong Facebook Video Strategy

Building A Strong Facebook Video Strategy

We’re obsessed with video content. It’s kind of our thing. BUT – we know video content is useless unless tied to a concrete strategy. Setting goals and a clear path to achieving them is key.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s our advice for building a strong Facebook video strategy:

Firstly, answering these two big questions:

  1. The Why
  2. The Who (Not the band – the audience!)

This goes beyond getting people to buy your product – yes, conversation and ROI are the end goals – but you want to set content objectives that Entertain, Educate, and Inspire your online audience – don’t be transparent that your priority is gaining leads and sales – your online viewers will see right through this and be totally turned off by your tactics. Choose a concrete goal for your video content – Entertain viewers with captivating content that is fun to watch. Educate your viewers with information they may not know. Inspire viewers with an emotional pull – one that may call them to action! Video Content mainly falls into these three categories – Entertain, Educate, Inspire. What fits your brand and WHO are these videos for? Who is the audience you are trying to attract?

Deciphering your brand’s reason for creating content and the people you want to engage with it will be paramount to deciphering the meaning in the content you’re distributing.

Research the competition. What is popular on competing pages? What receives the most engagement on these pages? This will show you whether or not a target audience exists for what you want to put out there – as well as a potential opportunity to expose problematic components of an adversary’s approach.

The Strategy: Hero, Hub, Help

YouTube developed this strategy – it’s a way of framing your content campaign pacing – with 3 main categories of content Link: :

Hero: is synonymous with Awareness. This is the top of your sales funnel – this is broad, aimed to reach an audience of MANY. These pieces of content usually go big budget and are used sparingly to help push a more refined audience down the sales funnel.

Hub: You are building an online community and turning that audience of MANY to a more concrete, specific community of people truly interested. Hub content is specific and regularly distributed – try to keep up with the times and keep users engaged with topical content.

Help: These are How-To, Help, Tutorial Videos.

Keep YouTube’s 3 H’s in mind for your video series strategy. See examples of Hero, Hub, and Help Video Content Types Below:

Creation of Facebook Videos: Who Creates Video Content?

There are two options when it comes to the creation of video content –

  1. In House Creation (Low Cost)
  2. Outsourcing Video Creation (High-er Cost)

Both are useful and successful – it all comes down to your brand’s one-liner, budget, and schedule for completing a campaign.

Whether sourced out, or produced in house – these videos are public content. You want to make sure all of your video content meets brand values and it’s overall mission, as well as keeping design as uniform as possible to help online users remember the look of the brand.

What Defines Success: How Your Video Marketing Meets KPIs:

Engagement and Video Views help determine the success of your video campaign

You should be using a mixture of organic and paid content – before you decide to launch a video campaign on Facebook, you should fully understand Ad Manager – play around with different share settings – there is a science to it, but it’s specific to each brand and each goal. Be patient with yourself and with the system – you are craving longevity, not fizzle-quick success of one piece of content. Let campaigns run their course – your first few tries will be a great indication of how your strategy is working or not working, and allow you to adapt from there. Keep in mind the greatest goal: withstanding, long-lasting positive online associations with your brand. Don’t be discouraged by one content flop – if at first you don’t succeed….

The Wrap Up:

Okay, so, there’s a LOT here in regards to succeeding with Facebook video, and it can get a tad overwhelming. Let’s break it down:

  • WHY are you making these videos? WHO are they for?
  • Find out more about the WHO – get insight into your audience.
  • Find out more about the OTHERS – get insight into your competitors and what content they are offering. See what people connect with, and see what questions you can answer that your competition is not.
  • Apply the 3 H’s – Hero, Hub, Help – structure to your campaign.
  • Decide who is creating content for you – are you hiring external (ex. Hiring First Tube Media to execute a live stream concert series for your brand – wink, wink) or creating from within?
  • Set goals for your content – what are tangible goals your content is aiming to reach? X number of new subscribers? X number of shares? What are your metrics for a successful campaign?
  • Testing Content, Optimizing Content, Adapting Content.

Start planning your video content strategy today!