How To Create Killer Instagram TV Videos

How To Create Killer Instagram TV Videos, Yep we are talking about 9:16!

Here at First Tube Media, we are constantly thinking about new ways to extend the life of our customers content. Enter Instagram TV. On June 20th, 2018 Instagram Launched IGTV.

With the introduction of IGTV, we think it’s safe to say that social media platforms have recognized the value in video content, so much so that it has become a major piece of their platform. IGTV is a new, exciting way to reach online audiences and an opportunity for brands to jump into IGTV early and become a huge voice in this new video community. Because IGTV is designed for long-form videos, we anticipate this may open up Instagram as a major streaming platform. We’re seeing video popularity increase to the point of surpassing photo and blog content in general – which makes us extremely excited for what’s to come. As a platform whose entire ideology revolves around video content, we’re happy to see these huge social platforms knowing the unmistakable and unique value of video. For us and our customers, IGTV is an incredible opportunity to produce unique branded content to a whole new audience.

Now Here are the most effective best practices to put together your very own IGTV video:

What do you need to know about IGTV?

IGTV is similar to Instagram Stories when it comes to specifications. There are differences, some meaningful, that you should keep in mind.

  • The aspect ratio is 9:16. This means that it is a Vertical Video. Cropping your videos to 1080 px (Pixels) wide and 1920 px high is the only way to go.
  • The shortest length of IGTV videos is 15 seconds. For personal accounts, the maximum video length is 10 minutes. If you have a branded account (defined as a large follower base) you can post a video up to one hour in length REJOICE! This is a 1,000% increase from the 60 second limit for in-feed videos.
  • If you have a 10,000+ followers AND are a verified account, you can add 60 minutes videos to your account. Remember, you will need to upload the video from your computer.

Here are some important tips about the content:

Timing – make sure that you provide time to read any text that you put on a Video – especially the title.

Best practices is to add an intro before your IGTV. This will give viewers a way to know upfront what the video is about. Make sure that the viewers have enough time to read the text.
Color Palette – match colors if you are adding captions or backgrounds.

Like Snapchat, IGTV is a visual platform and images and colors take center stage for viewers. The Videos are no exception. Make sure that you are complementing or matching colors to your videos if you are adding Backgrounds, Titles, and Captions. Here is a link to a great Color Palette Chooser. And please make sure to use the same fonts – no comic sans allowed!

IGTV is a Vertical Video platform – Make sure your Video is Vertical!

Don’t be one of those people who loads a landscape version of video up into IGTV – it will not autocorrect into 9:16. You have to edit your content into a fullscreen vertical video.

Finally, have fun with the content.

IGTV is a new medium and there are many different ways to explore how to use the medium. Build something, test it, change it, find the magic formula that makes you and your viewers happy.