Remarketing To Your Engaged Audience

Remarketing To Your Engaged Audience

We love playing around with Remarketing pools for video content – it’s something our clients love to see too! Here are some of our best remarketing techniques for your content:

Shine A Light On Content and Drive Subscriptions

Your video ads should be showcasing the content on your pages. Creating multiple pieces of video content surrounding the main idea behind your brand’s campaign is the way to go – we believe one piece of video content has a shelf life of 2 weeks on any platform before it becomes stale. Creating multiple video ads allows you to vary ads during a remarketing campaign – make sure you are setting specific deadlines for how long each video ad will run.

For example, our team at First Tube Media creates up to 16 different, unique pieces of video content revolving around any given 1 event that we’re live streaming. We drop promo trailers, top songs, podcasts, and sizzle reels that all include capture from one concert. Check out some of our work with our client Skullcandy for their Now Feel This Concert Series – all of this content is designed to increase awareness of the series and drive subscribers who are interested in the chance to see concerts from the comfort of their homes on livestream. At the end of any given livestream, we’re inviting audience members to tune in with a reminder for the next emerging artist they are going to feature.

Become Familiar With Audience Manager

Once you’ve created video ads for your campaign, you can move forward and set up Remarketing pools in Facebook Business and Google AdWords.

Learn How To Retarget Ads on Google AdWords

Learn How To Retarget Ads on Facebook Ads

You should be creating 3 audiences in total:

1st Audience: Your First Remarketing Audience

2nd Audience: Target Audience That Engaged With Your First Video

3rd Audience: Target Audience That Engaged With Your First and Second Video.

This method allows you to sequence your video content and produce fresh, compelling content to keep your online audience engaging with your brand.

After your remarket campaigns are running, you can start tracking the data from Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Learn How To Analyze Reporting On Google AdWords.

Learn How To Analyze Reporting on Facebook Ads.

What’s so helpful in both AdWords and Facebook ads is the ability to customize your report to see the metrics that matter most to you – see exactly how your video ads are meeting your specific goals – and forget the rest!

So – the takeaway? Retargeting is relatively simple and straightforward. Conceptually, it makes sense – the audience that engaged with your first video is probably interested in the next video – or series of videos. Imagine your video content is a breadcrumb trail leading audiences further down your sales funnel. Make the value of your channel clear in your videos – once you’ve shown your audience how amazing your content is – you invite them to subscribe.