Looking Ahead At Marketing And The Progression Of The Digital Age

Looking Ahead At Marketing And The Progression Of The Digital Age

Our team at First Tube Media is dedicated to creating authentic content that pushes through the clutter of social media feeds. We know that the marketing world moves further and further away from traditional marketing every day with a massive rise in digital marketing content – social media allows brands to engage with a huge and truly endless audience. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of always changing trends – we’re here to help!

Marketing has evolved rapidly and in many different ways – the world is digital and everyone and everything – including how we market effective content – has adjusted to the new tech-driven world. It can be scary to think about how you’ll stand out in a sea of content – reaching your target audience can seem impossible to achieve with a the vastness of the internet. Keeping up with social media trends will help – so will narrowing down your consumers in the sea of social users. Using remarketing pools for your content can narrow in on the audiences engaging with your content. (link to remarketing pool article)

So what IS that stand out content? We believe and work off of the notion that the most effectual content is a message of connection – when brands can connect authentically to people – and show them something real, something cool, something educational or helpful, that brand is not seen as wanting to sell something, but rather providing a service of producing compelling content – which everyone on social media is looking for and appreciates.

More than just a shift from paper to digital there’s been a shift from desktop media to cell and smart phones – mobile will take a huge chunk of digital ad spend in the next few years. This year, driven by display ads, mobile will account for 69.9% of all digital advertising.

This marketplace is grossly oversaturated with brands competing against other brands for online audience consideration – that’s where First Tube Media comes in with our branded video content programs. Branded video content is now one of the most effective weapons for a successful marketing campaign. The ability to share any given one experience on a platform shared to the entire online world is a wonderful gift for marketers – take the opportunity to create FOMO – and stick your brand’s name on it. When you create a video content campaign over time and create a storytelling feel – online audiences have the chance to join your brand for the ride – creating an opportunity for brand’s to invite subscribers and push that engaged audience further down their sales funnel.

Social media platforms are designed for users to SHARE with each other. Don’t aim to be the brand selling a product- be the brand that connects and creates content that reverberates with online users.

One of the best ways to connect authentically is through influencer marketing. Click to learn more about Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing is effective in creating an authentic feel -a human to human connection. Using the right influencer with the right message, brands have a better chance of coming across as reliable and trustworthy to audiences.

What is your brand doing to compete in social media madness? Your scope is boundless – you just need to create cool content for audiences to enjoy and remember, even though you are targeting online users – you can never let them know that. Don’t be pushy and don’t sell – aim to entertain and enthrall. The angle is authentic connection.