Promoting Content and Boosting Your Reach

Promoting Content and Boosting Your Reach

You’ve created an awesome new content campaign. You want everyone to see it. How does your content break through the clutter of social feeds to reach your target audience? Intelligent promotion and boosting!

Here are our recommendations for promo on Social Media using posts and communities:


Create 10-20 posts surrounding your one campaign. For our team at First Tube Media, we create multiple pieces of content surrounding one live event and time each post accordingly around that event to increase awareness of that event and then drive traffic to our customer’s sites by releasing each piece of content one at a time – telling a story – inviting those who have engaged with the first piece of content to continue on the ride. Use all of your social platforms to increase awareness of content – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – wherever your potential target audience may be.

Schedule your posts on different platforms on different days at different times – space them out so you can reach people on all platforms at any given time – when you see what days and times have highest engagement on your content, you know to prescribe these measures towards future campaigns.

Same goes for hashtags – try out different keywords that may work better than others and then choose the ones that drove the most engagement to the post.

Over time, you’ll see the patterns of what works and what doesn’t – allowing you to optimize your content’s reach and hone in on target audiences.

Now let’s talk communities – this is one of the most amazing tools on social media platforms for marketers – because it allows brands to find large groups of people who all fit under the umbrella of interest in your industry. Communities allow you to target groups at a time to distribute your content to. Along the same lines as rules for producing branded content in general – don’t post sales-y stuff. You want to be sharing informational, educational, interesting, or entertaining content. When people feel like your brand is answering a question they have or going above and beyond to educate or entertain online users, they are more likely to trust your brand and continue to engage with your content.


Part of our marketing equation at First Tube involves strategies behind paid media on social platforms. Paid media is a great way to see your content boosted quickly – ad services like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads allow you to track your paid boosted ads and analyze its performance (again, allowing for optimization on future content/future paid media strategy)

We recommend paid spend behind native content posts social platforms (including Google Ads – we use to boost our YouTube shows). Native posting is when you go directly through a social media platform to post your content – not a third party social media posting tool. Social media platforms tend to hide content that is posted by third party – thus making it imperative to use the platforms individually to distribute content.

The takeaway? When it comes to prescribing what promotion and boosting will work best for your specific content release – it’s all trial and error. What works for others’ content may not work for yours – but look at competitors’ work anyway. See what their target audience is engaging in – and try a similar approach! What’s right for your content will take time to decipher – don’t lose sight of the bigger goal – to gain long lasting subscribers over time.